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Data protection in marketing and fundraising - the draft new code

The Information Commissioner's new draft code of practice on marketing and fundraising is out for consultation until 4th March. This webinar will highlight the main changes, as well as reviewing what stays the same. If you have strong feelings about any of it you will then be in time to respond to the consultation.

Although the webinar is most suitable for people who are regularly involved in marketing and/or fundraising, it is also relevant for anyone who has responsibilities for data protection across their organisation, or who wants to find out more about:

  • what counts as marketing in the context of data protection;
  • what rules apply if you are using personal data for marketing purposes;
  • the additional rules in PECR (the Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulations) that apply to marketing by phone, email or text;
  • when you need consent for marketing, and when you don't;
  • what changes are proposed in the new draft code of practice.

You may already have a good general understanding of data protection, but for those who don't there will be a brief introduction to the key concepts that apply to marketing.

This webinar lasts about an hour.  You will need a suitable computer (see the requirements set out in the confirmation email) with speakers or headphones.  It is also useful if you have a microphone, so that you can ask questions during the webinar, but this is not essential.

Payment for this webinar is flexible.  You are welcome to participate for free if you wish, but I have provided options for people to pay various rates, according to the size of their organisation and/or willingness to contribute.

19th February 2020 10:00 AM
Supporter rate £ 15.00
Standard rate £ 9.00
Discounted rate (small organisations) £ 6.00
Free trial £ 0.00
Support service subscriber £ 0.00