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Data protection once the UK leaves the EU

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is European Union legislation. Once the UK leaves the EU and the transition period ends, GDPR will no longer apply directly, but the UK already has legislation for a version of GDPR that will continue to apply. This webinar explains how this will all work.

This webinar is relevant for anyone who has responsibilities for data protection across their organisation, or who wants to find out more about:

  • the data protection legislation that will apply after the UK leaves the EU;
  • what the effect of leaving the EU will be if your organisation transfers personal data to branches, subsidiaries or other organisations that you collaborate with in the EU;
  • what the effect of leaving the EU will be if your organisation has personal data hosted within the EU;
  • what rules will apply if you transfer personal data in any way to countries outside the EU.

You may already have a good general understanding of data protection, but for those who don't there will be a brief introduction to the key concepts relevant to this topic.

This webinar lasts about an hour.  You will need a suitable computer (see the requirements set out in the confirmation email) with speakers or headphones.  It is also useful if you have a microphone, so that you can ask questions during the webinar, but this is not essential.

Payment for this webinar is flexible.  You are welcome to participate for free if you wish, but I have provided options for people to pay various rates, according to the size of their organisation and/or willingness to contribute.

25th February 2020 10:00 AM
Supporter rate £ 15.00
Standard rate £ 9.00
Discounted rate (small organisations) £ 6.00
Free trial £ 0.00
Support service subscriber £ 0.00