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Data Protection: The basics

This webinar is an introduction to data protection, focusing on the key concepts: what kinds of information does it apply to? who is responsible for what? what are the main things we have to get right? and what happens if we get it wrong? It's suitable for anyone who has responsibility for data protection in their organisation or team and has either just taken on the role or needs a refresher.

The webinar sets out:

  • The legislation we have to comply with (including a brief explanation of what is changing as the UK leaves the EU);
  • The definition of personal data - what's covered and what isn't;
  • The responsibilities of 'controllers' and 'processors';
  • The need for a lawful basis for everything you do with personal data, and what the options are;
  • The obligation to comply with the data protection principles, and the possible enforcement action if you fail to do so;
  • The kinds of documentation you need, both for informing people whose data you hold and for demonstrating how you are complying with your data protection responsibilities.

This webinar lasts about an hour.  You will need a suitable computer (see the requirements set out in the confirmation email) with speakers or headphones.  It is also useful if you have a microphone, so that you can ask questions during the webinar, but this is not essential.

9th March 2020 11:00 AM
Standard fee £ 9.00
Discounted rate (small organisations) £ 6.00
Data Protection support service subscriber £ 0.00